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A forthcoming page on budgeting will describe aspects of some of these means of advertising.


You need twelve color posters and one black and white poster for the Student Centers, and eight color posters and two black and white posters for the Nguyen Building, or 20 color copies and three black and white copies total.

Student Centers

Registered Student Orgs may place up to 12 posters across Mason's student centers. Six may be placed in the Johnson Centers on the large bulletin boards across from the elevators (one on each, so two per floor), four on the cork strips along the stairwell in SUB I (one-ish on each floor-- there's never really any room), one on one of the two bulletin boards on the stairwell in The Hub, and one on the bulletin board on the first floor of Southside to the left of the doors as you're entering the building (another place that never has any room).

Note regarding SUB I-- there are many staircases in that building. The ones designated for hanging flyers are the ones off in the corner of the building behind the fire doors, not the main ones in the middle of the building. You'll see strips of overused cork screwed into brick. Does anyone really use these stairs? Unclear, but it's better safe than sorry. Regarding the Southside bulletin board, put a number of staples in the flyer, especially if it's partially or almost fully hanging over the side. That particular bulletin board is hotly contested territory and your flyer will "accidentally fall off" if you don't staple the bejesus out of it. Another note that might be obvious-- if you staple or tape anything that's not the bulletin board, we'll get in trouble, so don't do that.

To hang your posters, go to the Johnson Center Info Desk on a Sunday evening. Sunday evenings work best because old flyers are removed weekly at 5pm on Sunday, so you'll have your pick of the best space on the bulletin boards. Space is first come first serve, and you want to get your best bang for the buck by getting your posters displayed the full week. Do not cover any flyers that are already posted, or we will have our flyer-posting privileges revoked.

Ask one of the student workers for approval to hang your flyer. They will take your flyer, make sure it comports with basic decency, and also check that this information is legibly displayed:

  • Student-Run Computing and Tech is a registered student org.
  • Faculty Advisor: Kinga Dobolyi
  • President: Mark Stenglein
  • Email:
  • Website:

When approved, the JC Info Desk student employee will need to stamp each flyer. Design with this in mind: have a nice blank area where the stamp can go. One copy of your flyer will need to be kept for records-keeping, but this one may be in black and white. You will need a stapler to hang the flyers. You may borrow one from the Info Desk; they will keep your student ID until it is returned.

Note that if your poster has a date for a specific event you can hang your posters exactly one full month ahead of the event, rather than a single week (ending Sunday at 5pm). What does this mean in practice? If you are advertising an event with a date, print out one set of posters, and they can hang for a month. Undated posters, like any promoting a project, can only be hung up for one week. To keep those posters up the same amount of time as a dated poster, you would need to print four runs (52 copies!), and each week return, resubmit, and rehang them after they are removed. Take this into account when budgeting for project advertising, and plan accordingly.

Always create your flyers in color. When printing the flyers, a heavier paper is preferable if available. It draws the eye in a ocean of flyers, and has enough weight both to actually hang down properly and to not be semitransparent. If you're printing through the UPS on campus, request the 28lb paper. JC Print Services should print color on a heavier weight automatically, but ask to make sure.

Something else to keep in mind: JC Print Services is only open weekdays, and UPS is not open on Sundays (at least as of the last edit), so you'll have to have your flyers printed on Friday or Saturday. At UPS, you will usually print color copies, not flyers. The minimum count for a 'flyer' is 150. For UPS, request a receipt to send back to Student Involvement. At JC Print Services, provide our six digit student org ID, and our Student Involvement account will be directly billed. See for hours and more information.

For the full list of official guidelines, check

Volgenau Building

There are three locations you can post flyers in the Nguyen Engineering Building. There are sets of very fancy rollers next the the elevators on all five floors, and the bulletin board outside the Engineering School office and the Computer Science Department Office. Keep the same design you used with the Student Centers, including the contact information. Unlike the student workers at the Info Desk, this approval process is informal and relies mostly on how nice and patient you are, so smile.

To start, go to the Engineering School office on the first floor and speak with one of the secretaries. Say that you are a registered student organization affiliated with the Engineering School, briefly describing SRCT if asked, and that you would like to hang posters to promote your event or project both by the elevators in the building and on the bulletin board outside their office. Let them review your poster and offer the black and white copy for their records. Borrow their stapler for the bulletin board. The hanging locations by the elevators do not require staplers. Simply roll your poster up between the rollers and let go. Sometimes you may need to slide other posters to the side to be able to fit yours.

As you work your way up the stories, when you're on the fourth floor, go through the same paces with the Computer Science Department to staple a poster on their bulletin board: speak with a secretary, describe the organization, let them review the poster, let them keep a black and white copy, and borrow their stapler. Continue on to the fifth floor to finish!


We know this is possible but haven't yet done it, so don't have any specific information.



Kiosks and Tables

This system will transition over the 2017-2018 school year to 25live. [1]

Number of Available Hours

Each RSO is allowed 48 hours of reservation time during "peak times" (11AM - 4PM M-F) and 96 hours which may be used during off peak times (before 11 AM and after 4 PM or anytime on Saturday and Sunday).

Multiple kiosks may be reserved concurrently, but each kiosk counts separately against the organization's semester allotment.

Reservations are limited to a maximum of four hours per kiosk day (Unsure at the moment if the concurrent reservations count double here).

If you cancel, do it within 5 business days to ensure that all the hours will be credited back to our balance.

To check up on our remaining hours, call 703-993-2921 or email

Kiosking Rules / Conduct

  1. You must stand behind the kiosk, and no music or amplified sound is permitted.
  2. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your designated kiosk, you will be considered a no-show and we will/may lose future kiosking privileges. tl;dr: early is on time, don't no-show.
  3. If you intend to collect money or donations: make sure the kiosk reservation request says so.
  4. Student Centers will hold the reservation until 5 business days before to allow you time to submit all required documentation paperwork. Make sure the documentation is turned in.

Johnson Center Marquee

While still here for posterity, the Marquee is no more. Long live the marquee, it shall not be forgotten.
There was a scrolling marquee that encircled the top JC Info desk. We used to be able to get messages displayed, but it's still not known when the marquee will be fixed.
To get a message on the board once it goes back up again, walk up to one of the JC Info desk employees and politely ask for the marquee display form. It should be in a cubby right behind them. Use our Registered Student Org name, Student-Run Computing and Tech, when filling out the form. It should be signed by someone on the Executive Board. You are given 120 characters for a message. It takes three days for approval, after which the form will be placed in a large binder behind one of the Info Desk counters and our message will run for up to two weeks along with all of the other messages.


Getting an advertisement on Mason's televisions has a lengthy approval process, so make sure to start early. Ads must be submitted at least five business days before their requested run time. You can run ads for up to ten days, including weekends. For events, a good rule of thumb is to begin running the ad campaign eleven or twelve days ahead of the event. You want people to have enough notice to work our event into their schedule-- you're probably not get too many people the day or two before the event. This means you need to have a design made three to four weeks ahead of your event to make sure everything goes smoothly.

When designing your ad, there's an unusual size you'll need to work with: 1350px by 900px for the horizontal spot, or 570px by 900px for the vertical spot. This is because of the little chyron/scrollbar that is run at the bottom. You can't have more than 750 characters on your advertisement, but let's be frank... that's an absolutely absurd number of characters and you shouldn't be anywhere near that. The television ads do not require the fine print needed on the flyers, but it's typically useful to have a couple links to our social media pages or our homepage.

See this site for more information:


George Mason Statue

Visit the University Life suite in SUBI rm 4211 during normal business hours.

Outside Mailing Lists

RSO Listserv

Email with event details and a flier to be included in the bi-weekly newsletter.

Volgenau School


Make sure that all events are on our two calendars:



CS Department


What's Open is our most heavily trafficked property, typically with hundreds of a views per day, and as such, provides a seamless, non-intrusive advertising opportunity. To promote another project, add an alert div across the top of the page between the navbar and the restaurant grid. In Bootstrap, use <div class="alert alert-info" role="alert">Hi there!</div>. It's additional information, not anything to scare anyone. Keep the pitch to two sentences as not to detract from the primary content.

This advertising method is best used on a short term basis, as many people return to Whatsopen regularly. A week is a good time period for a promotion coinciding with a project launch. As additional projects grow in their use, we can add information on those sites as well. It has been discussed we add this information to as well, though as of yet that feature has not been implemented. Roomlist includes among its randomized welcome back messages a reference and link to What's Open.

Napkin Holders

Fourth Estate



JC Banners


Similar reservation process to the JC Banners.

Student Centers can provide whiteboard easels, but we are permitted to use any other free-standing display, such as our pop-up banner. Notify them in advance if you plan on doing so.

Construction Site Banners

Giant Jumbotron on Braddock