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SRCT's projects are very diverse, just like fellow GMU students who write them for our school's benefit. Sometimes, additional provisions may apply for a project, or may need to provide additional clarity from the policy laid out here. In that case, those rules build on top of or over these. This privacy policy is part of Mason SRCT's Terms of Service.

Pretty much everyone claims to respect your privacy, but we really mean it. As we discuss below, your information is only used to provide and improve your experience. Privacy is more than a policy, it's a fundamental human right, of critical importance especially within an academic setting.

What data do we collect?

We permanently retain anonymized basic log information on your visit to this website via Piwik analytics. Piwik is self-hosted and open source, so your information will not be sold or otherwise transferred to any other third party, nor will your information be otherwise divulged, except at the request of the university or by lawful legal order. Ever.

Some of our other services provide ways you can upload additional information or interact with the site in another way.

Why do we collect data?

Knowing how many users a project has and how often it gets used tells us how popular that project is.

If a project is getting a lot of use, we will try to provide more support and focus our attention on that project. Our use of your information is limited to providing and improving your experience.

Want to check for yourself? The code for this site in particular is publicly available at our git repository, alongside all of our other projects, and we encourage you to exercise your basic computing freedoms.

Who can see my information?

Anonymized analytics information is available to project managers, who may share information with other members of SRCT.

Can I opt out?

You may opt out (or back in) of all future analytics. Many sites on the internet will not give you this option, or make it very difficult, so if you'd like to opt out of tracking everywhere, you can simply block their trackers.

Depending on the project, your interactions and information you upload will be retained for the functionality of the project, and can't be removed, except as in violation of our Terms of Service, even upon graduation or other conclusion of your relationship with the university and the closure of your full access GMU account.

Other information

Should any portion of this privacy policy be deemed unenforceable, all its other terms will nevertheless remain in full force and effect. Many of our projects require GMU user account authentication, and therefore by design not aimed at minors under the age of thirteen. For the others, please contact us if you believe someone twelve or younger is using our site without parental consent. We're from Fairfax, Virginia, United States and are subject to law within its jurisdiction. We may revise this policy; when we make, at our discretion, assignficant change, we will display a prominent link to the change on the front page of our site. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.