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SRCT uses a Free Tier Slack Team for all of our day to day communication and development. Slack is a very useful service for us because it allows for structured discussions in the form of channels while providing multiple different integration to our other services and sites.

Creating an Account on the Team

Creating an account for our Slack team is as simple as going to and filling the registration form out using either your or email address.

If you do not have either of these addresses because you are not a Mason Student, simply email us at and ask us to invite you to the team. We won't bite!

Using Slack

Usage Guidelines

Slack Markup

Slack has a few different methods of formatting text. Here are a few examples:

  • To bold text, simply surround the text with asterisks.
    • ie: *Bolded Text* becomes Bolded Text
  • To italicize text, simply surround the text with underscores.
    • ie: _Italicized Text_ becomes Italicized Text
  • To strike out text, simply surround the text with tilde's.
    • ie: ~Struck-through Text~ becomes Struck-through Text

For more examples, visit this Slack Post.


Once useful feature of @slackbot is that it can set reminders for both channels and individuals. To use this feature simply use the /remind command from any channel or direct message. For example:

/remind @ocelotsloth to mow the lawn tommorrow at 5:00pm