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Why We Write Free Software

We want everyone in the Mason community to be able to contribute to our projects, but also feel, particularly in an academic settings, that everyone has a fundamental right to examine and modify the software they use.


SRCT recommends your project be licensed under one of the following two licenses.

Apache License

The Apache License protects your intellectual rights creating software, but also keeps the software free for all to read, modify, and redistribute as they desire. Licenses like the MIT license do not provide the same protections to the creators.

SRCT Projects licensed under the Apache License

GNU Public License

The GNU General Public License not only allows all to examine, modify, and redistribute your code, but requires that your code only be used in software that can also be examined, modified, and redistributed by its users.

SRCT Projects licensed under the GNU Public License

Other Licenses

A comprehensive list of licenses.


This guide explains how to release your JavaScript as free software so that it respects your users' freedom, and how to clearly indicate this fact so that LibreJS will validate it as released properly.