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Mason SRCT is a registered student organization with Mason's Office of Student Involvement.


Get Connected

If you're not a fan of Get Connected, doesn't matter. It's part of the package. Keep it up to snuff, or OSI will cut you.

SRCT's OSI profile must be kept up to date, particularly with both our executive board and with all events, on penalty of immediate, mid-semester revocation of both funding and room reservation access.

This is the link to our Get Connected profile.

Use of that link is also helpful whenever needing to demonstrate we are, in fact, a Mason-recognized, registered student organization.


Our constitution was drafted by Daniel Bond and finalized by Michel Rouly. In a series of meetings, Daniel was unable to move his original proposal through OSI; it was reviewed as too technical, too complicated, and too unwelcoming for other students. Michel editing that document and successfully had it approved. The changes were unanimously approved by existing membership ahead of the Fall 2013 semester, and by Faculty Advisor Professor Kinga Dobolyi.

A student organization's constitution must stringently adhere to a series of rules as laid out by OSI. (These rules have changed since our constitution was first approved.)

These guidelines have grown more and more specific over the years. Most elements are not particularly taxing, such as having an inclusivity clause, or requiring the organization's advisor be full-time Mason faculty or staff.

Any changes to our Constitution (full text on homepage, LaTeX git repo) must be approved by both our Academic Advisor and by Student Involvement, following the voting procedures as outlined in the document. Student Involvement's approval will entail an in-person meeting with one of the office's student employees. Prepare for this meeting in earnest; arrive early and well-dressed. You will be peppered with questions over a significant period of time. Remember to remain attentive and cheerful, visibly empathizing with any of the concerns brought up. Be patient, and speak slowly. Do not push back too forcefully. Proposed amendments will almost certainly not go through untouched. Focus on maintaining the sentiment of the changes rather than precise wording. If a subsequent follow-up meeting is scheduled, you will likely not be paired with the same person, so be prepared to go to over the material anew.


Student-Run Computing and Technology is a Tier III organization. This allows us to spend up to $5,000 a year or $3,000 a semester,and to spend money on large events and travel. This comes with additional training requirements, detailed below.

Leadership Training

Event Room Requests

25 Live

25 Live is Mason's room reservation and event planning management system. Visit (Use a unique password until they push SSO to it, it does not store them securely!) to see room availability.

Academic Rooms

Events Management handles requests for academic room reservations to prevent booking over classes. Academic rooms may only be reserved once a semester's add date has passed. After that date, you may send an email to reserve classrooms.

Budget Requests


Budget requests have two prerequisites. First, a room or other space for the event must be booked. Second, the event must have been created on SRCT's Get Connected calendar.


Generally, you should use Sodexo's Shoestring Catering, a special catering price sheet provided only to registered student organizations and greek life organizations. You must submit a filled out Shoestring Catering pdf as part of your submission.

Please note that Student Funding Board will not spend more than $8 per person for breakfast, $10 per person for lunch, and $12 per person for dinner. Additionally note that if you are planning for a substantial amount of food to be served, for example during an all-day event, you will almost certainly need to split the food costs between multiple student organizations, or be able to use Student-Generated Revenue.

No more than $25 may be spent at Giant. Student Funding Board does indeed require that supplies be purchased specifically at Giant.

Food for meetings can only be spent at one meeting. Make this the meeting when students are returning for the semester, and order pizzas!


See the Travel page.

Event Services

See the Events Management page.



Risk Management